Visiting China soon? Start here

Visiting China soon? Start here

Apps in China

Apps are an essential part of life in China for both tourists and locals. From paying for food to booking train tickets, apps are making a world of difference. Browse our top articles about apps in China.

using apps in china

Best apps for foreigners in China

This is a roundup of the best apps for foreigners to use in China. Whether you’re visiting for travel, study or work, these apps can help you enjoy China even more.

Reading time: 8 minutes

travel in China apps

The 9 apps you need if you’re traveling to China

If you’re going on vacation to China soon, you should download these essential travel apps. They’ll make your trip easier, even if you’re in the country for just a few days.

Reading time: 7 minutes

top apps in China

What are the top apps in China?

Chinese people love their smartphones, and they love their apps too! Chinese apps have changed the way people pay for things, interact with each other, play games and even find love. Find out which apps in China are used by the locals.

Reading time: 10 minutes

apps banned in China

What apps are banned in China?

The Great Firewall of China limits the kinds of apps and websites that locals can use. Find out how this affects foreign tourists using Wi-Fi in China and what you can do about it.

Reading time: 4 minutes

chinese dating apps

Chinese dating apps that will make your heart flutter

China is home to over a billion people, so there’s no shortage of friendly people to chat with online. Here are the eight biggest and best Chinese dating apps.

Reading time: 5 minutes

china map app

The the best map app for China

If you want to find your way around China, you’ll need a good map app. Here’s a list of the best map apps that work in China. Some are in English while others are in Mandarin.

Reading time: 7 minutes

food delivery apps china

How to order food in China using delivery apps

Ordering food online is increasingly common in China. It’s often cheaper and easier than buying groceries and doing the cooking yourself, not to mention the time saving. In this blog, learn about the biggest Chinese delivery apps, plus options for foreigners.

Reading time: 12 minutes


What’s the deal with WhatsApp in China?

WhatsApp is used by over two billion people around the world. Interestingly though, this doesn’t include Chinese people. They have their own version of WhatsApp. Here are the most frequently asked questions about WhatsApp in China.

Reading time: 4 minutes

Heading to China?

Don’t Forget Your VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential if you’re traveling to China. It means you can access all your favorite sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, Gmail, and many more, while using Wi-Fi. Don’t leave your country without one.

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