Bak kwa is a tasty Chinese dried meat that’s like jerky. But can you bring it to China?

You’re not allowed to bring meat products into China, so technically you shouldn’t bring bak kwa as it’s a meat product.

However, this rule is really in place to prevent people from bringing raw meat and animal products into the country, which can contain harmful bacteria and cause illness in humans.

Processed meat doesn’t carry the same risk, but the blanket rule is still there.

So, if you were to bring a store-bought, vacuum-sealed packet of bak kwa in your checked luggage, you’d probably be fine.

Chinese Customs are more interested in the highly prohibited stuff, like fresh or live animal products.

Besides, unless you were to declare something, Chinese airport food inspections are lax. But you didn’t hear that from me!

I wouldn’t bring home-cooked bak kwa or an opened pack, or any of the other prohibited foods.

And remember, dried meats are available everywhere in China, so there’s no need to bring bak kwa with you.

I hope my answer wasn’t too nuanced for you, but China is the land of nuance. You’re going to have a great time there! Next, see my #1 travel tip for China below or read all of them here.

My top China travel tip

All major foreign websites and apps are blocked in China, so if you want to use hotel Wi-Fi then you’re going to need a virtual private network (VPN) on your phone.

You can refer to the best VPN for China for my personal recommendations on the ones that work in the country. Or, tap on the button below for the one I recommend the most:

Just make sure you download the VPN before you arrive in China, otherwise you’ll be stuck!

Bringing food into China

Here are some commonly asked questions about bringing other foods into China:

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