There’s nothing better than chomping down on a handful of nuts.

But can you bring nuts into China?

Generally yes, you can bring nuts into China.

Just make sure they’re in sealed bags from the place you bought them.

If you were to bring a suitcase full of unbagged and unprocessed nuts or seeds, that may be cause for concern. So, common sense comes into play.

Anything you declare at the airport is likely to be binned or cause a problem, so just walk through the green channel with your personal stash.

Chinese Customs are only interested in highly prohibited food like fresh or live animal products.

I always bring a packet or two of nuts on my holidays to China, in case I need a healthy snack before I get the chance to find a supermarket. And my favorite nuts, cashews, are much harder to find in China.

Then once I’ve settled in, I stock up on Chinese peanuts which are everywhere.

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My top China travel tip

All major foreign websites and apps are blocked in China, so if you want to use hotel Wi-Fi then you’re going to need a virtual private network (VPN) on your phone.

You can refer to the best VPN for China for my personal recommendations on the ones that work in China. Or, tap on the button below for the one I recommend the most:

Just make sure you download the VPN before you arrive in China, otherwise you’ll be stuck!

Bringing food into China

Here are some commonly asked questions about bringing other foods into China:

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Main image credit: Pratik Bachhav on Unsplash.