Looking for the best blogs about China?

I’ve lived, worked and traveled in China. And whenever I return home, I enjoy keeping that China connection alive.

There’s a number of China-related websites and blogs I love and read often, and today I’m going to share them with you.

None have paywalls, and none have paid to be included here. So feel free to explore these sites as you please.

In my humble opinion, here are the best China blogs.

1. The Helpful Panda

I have to start with this one, and you’re already reading it!

If this is your first time here, welcome. The Helpful Panda is your best guide to China whether you’re into Chinese culture, travel, work, study, tech, or food.

Best things about The Helpful Panda:

  • ZInvaluable advice
  • ZInformative and helpful
  • ZWriters based in China or have traveled or worked there

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2. LTL

I think it was the enticing blue and yellow design that first got me into LTL’s China blog.

Short for Live the Language, LTL is a leading Mandarin school that offers classes in China, Taiwan, Singapore and online.

There’s a massive amount of free resources to help you learn Chinese. And unlike other language blogs, LTL’s stuff is very current and super-helpful. For example, you can learn about Chinese beers and even swearwords in Mandarin.

Best things about LTL:

  • ZGenuinely helpful
  • ZSpecial offers when you receive their newsletter
  • ZFresh, youthful content

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3. Sixth Tone

For those of you who don’t know anything about Mandarin, the language is made up of five tones. So the Sixth Tone is a cute play on words.

This online publication produces informed and insightful content on contemporary China. When reading, just be mindful that Sixth Tone belongs to a state media company in China and may have a certain agenda to push.

Best things about Sixth Tone:

  • ZInsights into China that you don’t often get from Western media
  • ZShort and long articles
  • ZLots of stuff about Chinese people and daily life

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4. Travel China Cheaper

If you plan on visiting China and want to save a few bucks, this is the blog to read.

For travel resources, tips and guidebooks, Travel China Cheaper has everything you need. Plus, there are expat-friendly resources like how to open a Chinese bank account.

Best things about Travel China Cheaper:

  • ZMoney saving tips
  • ZThey publish a best-selling guidebook
  • ZUseful visa information

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5. Hong Kong Cheapo

Still on the theme of saving money, Hong Kong Cheapo is a really cool site.

You can get money-saving hacks sent straight to your inbox, but even if you’re not on a tight budget, you’ll benefit from the helpful articles on all there is to do in this amazing city.

Best things about Hong Kong Cheapo:

  • ZMoney saving hacks
  • ZBeginner’s guides
  • ZUp-to-date event listings

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6. The Woks of Life

Join a family of four Chinese American cooks who share their home-cooked and restaurant-style recipes.

There are recipes for all kinds of Chinese food, including ‘real’ Chinese food as well as the Westernized stuff. But they even help with practical things like how to clean a wok.

Admittedly, I try not to visit this China blog too often. Why? Because I start salivating as soon as I start reading! (I’m not joking.)

Best things about The Woks of Life:

  • ZOver 1,000 recipes
  • ZLots of detail
  • ZPersonalized approach

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7. eChinacities

This is mainly for China-based expats or if you’re looking for a job in China. There are thousands of jobs to comb through (buyer beware!) and pages on career advice.

It’s a busy website but that’s because there’s oodles of information, mostly localized for people already in China. I find some of the article comments from disgruntled expats quite funny.

Best things about eChinacities:

  • ZPlenty of jobs
  • ZExpat focused
  • ZGuides to major cities

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8. Wild China

This is one of the China travel agencies that specializes in luxury travel.

While I’ve never been on one of their tours, I love their blog articles and amazing photography. Some of the photos are so good they’re worthy of being hung in frames.

Best things about Wild China:

  • ZCovers all corners of the country
  • ZBeautiful photos
  • ZExperience China without visiting

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9. CNN

Call me crazy, but I enjoy reading CNN’s China news for an American angle of what’s going on in the country.

Like any news site, I take CNN with a grain of salt. That said, I’m kind of addicted to their three-times-a-week newsletter, Meanwhile in China.

If you’d prefer a British take on the news in China, check out the BBC’s China blog instead.

Best things about CNN:

  • ZAmerican slant on China
  • ZStay up-to-date with their newsletter
  • ZFocuses on big issues

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10. Culture Trip

Culture Trip isn’t technically a dedicated China blog but its section on China is really comprehensive.

This travel site is refreshing because it doesn’t shove its tours down your throat. Instead, you can read free articles about China to your heart’s content.

And there’s something for everybody, from the must-visit attractions in Shanghai to the more obscure aspects of Chinese culture such as “poems that will make you fall in love with Hangzhou”.

Best things about Culture Trip:

  • ZLoads of content
  • ZNo pushy tour sales
  • ZEasy to navigate

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11. What’s on Weibo

Last but certainly not least, What’s on Weibo.

In case you don’t know, Weibo is China’s highly censored version of Twitter. Because Weibo is a platform that’s in Mandarin, this site highlights the biggest stories going around – all in English.

Getting a roundup of the most topical stuff on Chinese social media is truly helpful.

Best things about What’s on Weibo:

  • ZA window into Chinese social media
  • ZViral and topical
  • ZCovers all kinds of stories

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That’s a wrap on the best China blogs

I hope this list has helped you find out more about this incredible and crazy country.

If you’re addicted to blogs about China and want to look up even more, head over to Feedspot. But I think the blogs I’ve showcased above are a great starting point.

Finally, I’m always up for learning more about China. So if you feel I’ve missed a great blog, please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks and happy reading!

I hope you liked my article on the best China blogs. I’ve also written a mega guide on Chinese culture or you can read all my China stuff here.

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