The Chinese love a good drink.

When it comes to the legal drinking age in China, people are pretty relaxed about it.

Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the legal drinking age in China?

The legal drinking age in China is 18.

According to Chinese law, parents or guardians should not allow minors to drink.

In addition, the law states that alcohol shouldn’t be sold to minors. Businesses should have signs, and ask for ID if they can’t tell whether a person is an adult.

In reality, however, the law isn’t strictly enforced and it’s easy for anyone to buy and consume alcohol in China.

So do kids drink alcohol in China?

China has a relaxed attitude when it comes to many things, and this includes drinking as well as smoking.

Although the drinking age in China is 18, underage drinking does happen.

Personally, I’ve seen kids as young as about 14 drink beer in a bar. Take a look at the photo above and you’ll see what I mean (I’ve hidden their faces for privacy).

Excessive drinking generally isn’t tolerated.

Where can you buy alcohol in China?

Alcohol is available everywhere in China, from convenience stores and supermarkets to bars, clubs and high-end hotels.

In convenience stores, you’ll see alcohol right next to the snack food.

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You can buy what you like, and in any quantity. And you can drink it anywhere you want, at any time of day.

Rules around liquor are lax in China.

What kind of alcohol can you buy in China?

Spirits are the most popular alcoholic drink in China, especially “bai jiu”.

The locals call this “white wine” or “rice wine” but it’s not wine as you would know it.

It’s actually a really hard spirit that burns as it goes down your throat. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Beer is the next drink of choice followed by wine, according to the World Health Organization.

Is there a minimum age for anything else in China?

It’s not just the drinking age in China that’s 18. The rule also applies to smoking (including e-cigarettes), gambling, getting married, and even begging.

In fact, kids are not meant to enter any commercial entertainment venue, bar, or internet bar until they turn 18.

But again, in reality the law isn’t strictly enforced.

Does the drinking age in China apply to foreigners?

It sure does. So, if you’re a 19-year-old American, you’re going to love visiting China!

I hope you liked my short article on China’s minimum drinking age. Next, learn about all kinds of popular Chinese drinks.

Main image credit: Supplied by Mike Cairnduff.

FAQ about the drinking age in China

What’s the legal drinking age in China?

It’s 18.

What’s the legal drinking age in Hong Kong?

It’s 18.

What’s the legal drinking age in Taiwan?

It’s 18.